Yves Saint Laurent

​Rouge Volupté Shine lipstickCouture Platte eyeshadowBaby Doll mascara

For most of you, it’s not a surprise that I’m a makeup addict. With high end make up such as Mac Cosmetics, Too Faced, etc. but lately, I for the past couple of years I have been collecting pricier make up such as Chanel, YSL, Tom Ford and so on. Here is a little bit about my little YSL collection. I love it! I love their Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks. They’re not as sheer as a lip balm nor are they as dense as a lipstick. They give your lips a refreshing tint that looks lovely for causal or even formal looks. I would say it’s important to find a lipstick that you can wear daily as well as for your night outs and after work/school hours. I know there are days where we go all dark or crazy colors, at least I do, but it is necessary to have your to go lipstick. The one you’ve bought three of because you’ve used it so many time and mine is the Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick in the shade 09. It’s a settled maybe nude that is sheer and it’s a lovely shade and it is my to go lipstick. I also love their bronzer,  Baby Doll mascara and neutral eyeshadow palette in the shade 02 and I can't express how much I love their Baby Doll mascara by YSL. It is absolutely works wonders for my lashes, and although my too go mascara is Better Than Sex by Too Faced, I tend to go for the Baby Doll mascara for nights out. If you guys would like some of the products mentioned, please click on the link, that I have provided for you lovelies, above and make sure you check them out! Until next time girlies!




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I Love Ysl!!❤️⬇️