It is finally the weekend! I went home to Oliver's place to do some studying and relaxing since I've been stressing out so much lately! IB mocks are coming up and I am terrified and nervous about it, but luckily I've ordered a new laptop and study guides for each subjects that I have. Motivation is lacking to be honest with you guys.. it's been tough for me recently. I guess due to the absences from sickness and lately I haven't found the motivations nor the positives yet. I guess I am on the verge of giving up. It sucks to admit it, it feels bad to type it and even worse to say it out loud. But I am trying to get back in top again, and with the love and support of my loved ones, I believe that I will succeed. People get their rough patches, and they'll get through it again. I guess we're all fighters, but if we choose to ignore it, we tend to sink lower and lower. Drowned by our own insecurities. Now that all of that darkness has been said, how about a new subject? Such as plans for the weekend? Yas! Okay, so basically, this weekend I am at olivers and I am enjoying his two dogs. And better yet, tomorrow we'll visit one of his close friends because his dog just got puppies!! I am so excited! But no town this weekend.. it sucks, but I'll still make the best of it.