Welcome back readers,
I have been busy with school and work lately that I forget to keep you updated. Here's an entry on how my Sunday is going to be spent. Since I have done school work, I can have a little more relaxing and cozy time and since it is Sunday, it is a breakfast in bed kind of day! Later on I am going to clean my room and then go for a bike ride. I need the exercise so why not? I have missed nature so much, so I will bike to the forest here in Struer. I can't wait to just have some me time and being alone. One of the things that I have learned is to spend time with yourself, and if you can be alone without mistaking it as loneliness, it is a great sign that you are ready for whatever life brings you. There has been a lot of negative energy and I have had a large amount of negativity and therefore I would like to do something positive for myself. I hope you guys remember how truly amazing life can be, and remember to enjoy every single second of it. I will update you on Instagram about my hike today and I hope you guys are going to have an amazing Sunday where you can relax and treat yourself with pampering like I will later on today. I will now do my laundry and clean my room and when I am done with those two tasks, I will start getting ready for my Sunday ๐ŸŒฟ I can't wait to take in the forest air and the breeze because after all, I do live in Denmark. I wanted to do a picnic in the forest, but I think I got tired of the idea and decided to do exercise instead. I really love having picnics lately, but I spend to much money on it haha. I hope you guys enjoy picnics as much as I do, and if so, go for one and have some fresh air. Especially if you are from Denmark! The weather is oddly great today, and I will not complain due to the fact that these sort of weather don't really exist at this time of the year. Praying to all of the sun Goddesses to keep the sun shinning through out this day ๐ŸŒž

Since many of you have been asking why my skin is nice and smooth, how my teeth got whiter, how I care for my brow and lashes, as well as how I got my healthier hair, I will tell you in a new blog post, so stay tuned.