St. Petersburg, Russia

I have always wanted to visit Russia and this summer I did! I went on the MSC Fantasia cruise and we stopped in St. Petersburg for a day. We got to be with a tour guide since it was the only way to get into the country without a visa card. Only a tour guide card that made it possible for us to look at the many beautiful cathedrals, hermitages and fortresses. Our tour guide was a funny guy. He’s always make fun of their beloved Putin and he would always say “watch me get arrested” afterwards. He told us that if you were close to Putin, he’d do anything for you because that’s the kind of guy he is. I guess due to media, I had a hard time believing that at first until the guide told us what Putin did for St. Petersburg and I though it was wonderful. But back to Russia! It was an amazing experience even though it was only a 17hrs trip! I loved it and its many traditional buildings. And btw, the many brides we saw that day! Apparently, it brings you luck when you see a wedding couple in the streets of St. Petersburg. We saw at least 7 in one day! It was a beautiful sunny day though and might be the reason why. Overall, I just love Russia and I hope to be back again one day.