Every girl wants to shine and sparkle -- girl, you're blessed!! This post is about the three intense highlighters that I own, Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss, Sleek Solstice, and Urban Decay in the shade Sin. These are very intense. Like shining out of space intense! Cleopatra's kiss is for medium to dark, and I can only use the shade dynasty, which is the lightest colour of the palette, as a highlighter, but I am using the other three shades as eyeshadows. In contrast, the palette solstice suits my skin tone perfectly! Any skin tone would be able to use this palette. Sin by Urban Decay is perfect! It is as intense as the balm's highlighters, and is champagne coloured. I am obsessed with these highlighters, and I hope these pictures can help you feel the shades, though I edited them.. Hopefully the picture taken with the flash will make you fall in love! See ya in my next post, lovelies.

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I've both the two highlight palettes and the singel highlighter, and I love them too. xx