Today I want to talk about girl positivity. Growing up with boys has been special to me. It has shaped me in many ways that I am very thankful for! Even though I only had a few girl-friends, I've been lucky to find Simone. Someone I could call at 3 AM and would always pick up. Wether it was for small talks over face time or heartaches. She's always been there and although we've been apart due to my decision to enter a boarding school, she's always there for me. And I can not express how much I miss her and our random sleepovers that are scheduled by one text or call away. However I have been blessed to meet the girls in Oman and the girls in Struer as well. I know I can always talk to them wether it's little talks or deep conversations that could take up 2 hours of Skype conversations. Last year one of my best friends moved to Copenhagen. We still have little conversations, but almost nothing. It's frustrating to have a meaningful person move away and lose contact with you. My other best friend from the boarding and I lost contact at the beginning of the school year. It ended badly to be honest and so many passive aggressive feelings came up to me until recently where it suddenly just stopped. I've accepted it. Growing up with boys has been a blessing and fun ride, but when it comes to girls, I just get frustrated and I don't know how to tell them straight out that they mean so much to me and instead I act on anger. I've realized that being angry at someone takes so much energy and nobody needs it. So dear all girls who are reading my blog, you are beautiful and don't let other girls bring you down. Try to remind yourself that their insecurities might be bigger than yours and they deal with it in an unhealthy way; by bringing others down. If you know a girl who constantly try to bring others down or if you are one, even though you don't mean for it to affect others, don't worry. You are loved and cared for. Your bad days and insecurities will end one day, so don't be hard on yourself or others because they have their insecurities and bad days too. Don't let your bad days affect others, and instead, put your bad days a side and notice the smiles that other brought on your bad day - they're all for you. Take a smile and give one back.



Jennifer Delgado,
Hi. Very nice post. You have a beautiful blog, and your storytelling is superb. Keep up this standard, and your future might look bright and promising.
Thank you! 😄🌺