MSC Fantasia

As many of you know from my Instagram, I went on a cruise this summer and it was my first cruise. I felt like it was great. MSC fantasia is the biggest MSC cruise ship there is and it was indeed big. I really loved their staff and their rooms! I had a balcony room and it was amazing with a great view as well! I didn’t feel motion sick at all due to the size of the ship. The ship it self had 5 pools, one was for the children, and it had many other facilities such as a gym with a 360 degrees view on top of the ship, a cinema, theater, bars and club, spa and message and so on! The experience is luxurious, but it was definitely not cheap. I hate crowded places. Maybe I’ll survive a day, but 7 days on this ship was too much for me.. no amount of alcohol could’ve saved my week on this ship. It was simply too crowded and I didn’t enjoy that part. Although we got to go our during the days to visit a new country it simply wasn’t for me, nor was it something for my dad. We agreed that this was simply too much. We got annoyed and angry at one point. One thing that I didn’t like was how the staff above the others (managers and so on) were simply too rude to the staff underneath them. It was a good experience but for me it is a one time thing. Before booking a cruise make sure you understand what you’re signing up for. Although it was an amazing ship containing many entertainers and facilities, it is not for me. Until next time lovelies!




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