Yesterday, I went out on a hike and it was quite fun until it started pouring. I got my kiss in the pouring rain though, so I am happy. The forest smelled wonderful and since I have been having a lot negativity going on, Oliver made me scream and yell to let everything out so I did. It was fun. Especially when Oliver did it. He sounded like a girl, but that's due to the fact that he was trying to imitate me. I got so relieved after screaming and yelling, but the dogs could hear me so they all barked; probably because they thought I was in trouble and I sure hope that I didn't scare anyone else. Poor doggies. We've found some mushrooms in the forest and made a pasta dish, and it was delicious! I highly recommend it, but have your fungi books with you and make sure that the mushroom you're gathering is eatable. I grew up loving mushroom because my dad made my sister and I go with him for mushroom gathering (svampe jagt). When we heard thunder from a distance, we decided to go home and we biked to the supermarket to get groceries and snacks. Oliver then cooked for me, excellent cook btw, and we watched part of Cinderella. After dinner, we decided that we should be apart for studying and meet at 9 PM for Annabelle 2. I love horror movies and I am in love with this movie! It's amazing and scared us both! Enough about yesterday and let's talk about today. I really want to film a YouTube video today, so I can upload one for Wednesday! I really want to come back, but I haven't really sat down and made a good video yet.. I'll definitely figure something out today. I promise you guys. Today is chocolate day because I've gotten these two chocolates yesterday and I want to try them out. I am a big chocolate fan, so I am certain that I'll love them! I also have to correct my written task 2 assignment today, so I am also stressed about that. But it's fine since nothing is really planned for tonight. I didn't clean my room as much as I wanted to last night, so I'll continue today. Have a great Monday you guys! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do