Lack of Motivation

Like all of human beings tend to do once in a while, I've been lacking motivation lately. I got a new camera and my intentions were to take blog pictures, but since I've been loving YouTube in my past, I still consider to do YouTube videos again. I'm also in a place where I haven't really found myself, so I have to take a lot of time to just create these ideas flowing through my brain as well as maintaining all of my other responsibilities. As most of you probably know, I have been on a cruise and I will dedicate a blog entrance of the week that I've spent on cruise. All I know is that without you guys, I wouldn't be writing this at all. I'd just delete my blog and pretend like nothing had happened. Thank you for all of your love and support! I couldn't be happier receiving all of your direct messages β€” the encourage me everyday and for that I am grateful. Bye loves! See you soon on my next post.

Ps. If I do go back to YouTube my uploading days would be Wednesday and Sunday πŸ’