High-end designer wishlist

Hi lovelies,
I am back with a new post. This time I thought I would do classic designer pieces that will never truly get out of style. This is also the reason why the pieces are mostly black and one of the bags is brown. These colors can be worn with any outfit pieces, and it will be safe to resell these bags due to the colors. Some buyers aren’t looking for crazy colors nor details, which is why one of these pieces could be your first high-end designer piece. You have probably seen these all over your social media platforms, and you’ve probably also drooled a little. I’ve been too as well, so here are som classic designer pieces that I’d love to have in my wardrobe one day. One of the things that you will probably notice is that the Chanel classic flap bag isn’t on my list and that would be due to the fact that I’m not certain if I will ever have a Chanel piece in my life. Maybe when I’m 30 and up, but if I do well, I might get it earlier, but a Chanel bag isn’t the first bag on my wishlist. By clicking on the links above, you can discover the details of each bag on the collage. I also want to apologize for staying away from the blog in a while. I am back now and I hope you’re ready for many more collages, inspirations and YouTube videos to come!

I am planning to invest in one of these bag by this summer, but which is your favourite bag?


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