Fashion Guide for Paris: Le Trench


When it comes to Paris, I do believe that every girl wants to have their magical and romantic (for some, but don't be too concerned; you are an independent woman) moment. Well, I anticipate that whether you're there with a group of friends, family, your partner or with you colleagues travellig for work, the city will always be magical. For the peope who don't see it: maybe you need to breathe and take a minute to inhale the magic of Paris.

My passion for fashion makes it even more magical when I think about strolling down Le Seine with a captivating red dress, an elegant handbag and the perfect pair of shoes! Mainly because Paris is a fashion city, but also because Paris is magical in the way you would want it to be. You're the narrative in any magical moment in life. I have created a Fashion Guide for Paris series so you can seek for advice and guidance in what to wear in paris.

Le Trench

The trench coat is a must for Paris. It is a practical yet stylish piece of clothing, and you certainly can dress it up and down. Wear it with stilletos and a little black dress for a social gathering, a red dress or a red bag for a romantic evening, or what about your perfect blue jeans and your most comfortable white t-shirt? There are so many ways that you can style and wear the trench coat, so don't hesitate in getting one.

If you are on a budget, I would recomend the Stradivarius trench coat for only €40, and the long trench from for only €78. Although, if you are not on a budget and you like high end clothing, I suggest to get the classic yet iconic longline trench coat from burberry .

I personally would say that it is a must to pack the trench due to my own chic style. I can be very into the feminene femme as well as the masculine femme. My own personal conflict is whether I would get mine in black or the classic beige.