Scented Candles

I love falll. I’m fact, I love everything about it. The vivid colors, the beautiful fashion pieces, that for some reason doesn’t fit other seasons of the year, the cookies, pumpkin carving and the crispy air. I can’t forget the part where the green leaves turn orange. Every café has something pumpkin spiced. Whether it is a coffee, cookie or pie. I’m not usually a big fan of orange but at fall I love the color orange. However, we are now transitioning into winter; more specifically, into Christmas. The light, greens and reds. The Christmas trees with the cute ornaments and beautiful decorations to decorate every room in the house. The smell of cinnamon, Christmas cookies and of course snow. At least time to time. The crisp-dry  cold air that makes it only logical to fire up the fireplace. The scented candles however.. I LOVE scented candles. Candles are what we Danes would say is necessary for “hygge” — they light up the place as well as giving a tint of warmth, which adds of to the coziness of any situation. Christmas scented candles are the best and I love every kind of them! Above I’ve placed some of the best smelling candles that I’ve loved lately! Hopefully you guys will to! Most of them are affordable, which is a great reason to get yourself one of the candles above.