First of all, I would like  to apologize for not posting Tuesday and Thursday due to MUN at our school, but here’s what I did Thursday. Oliver and I had our month anniversary last Wednesday, but due to MUN we couldn’t celebrate it. Honestly I have forgotten about it.. yes, the worse girlfriend award goes to me I guess. I’ve been so busy that it slipped my mind. Thursday after the conference we went to Aarhus, and went to Letz Sushi, Bruunsgade, which was great! Before that we went to IKEA to get some things for my room. We also went shopping and I finally got a checked blazer as I’ve always wanted! We then went to eat sushi and then we drove home due to school the next day. Overall it was a fun day and I can’t wait to write a little bit more about Aarhus once we move there. It’s truly a great city. See you in my next blog post