Birthday Celebration with the Girls

Thursday was IOC - I almost died due to stress and more stress! Shouldn't be complaining though because the year above me graduated the day before my IOC, so it is clear that they've suffered IB exams more than I have. For now. Mock exams are coming up and yeah, it's just mocks, but we need it for our predicted grades if we want to apply to the universities right away.. I'm sorry for all of the wining and complaining, but now that it is out of the way, let's talk about Friday! Yesterday was the celebration of my nineteen birthday. I had to celebrate it yesterday if I wanted to celebrate with the girls due to exams coming up and the fact that I'm celebrating my real birthday, the 27th of may, with my family. I'm very excited to see my little nephews! Now back to Friday, yesterday was fun we went out and although I had to go home early due to my infection, I enjoyed every single second of being with my girlies 🖤