Almost Christmas

Hi girlies!

Tuesday, I managed to wrap the presents, finishing off little things at home and just got into the Christmas spirit, so Oliver and I made æbleskiver and gløgg, which are Scandinavian traditions. Do you have different traditions? if so what kind of things do you do during Christmas?

I’m in the Christmas mood and I can’t wait to eat Christmas food. I’m so excited for all of the presents. The past few years I’ve decided what to get and mix it with my birthday present, but this year I’m not sure what I’m gonna get which is kinda fun and exciting! I’m going to upload a new video for you guys tomorrow! I’m gonna try to film a haul video or New Years outfit video where I will try on clothes and outfits for you guys to see. I’m not going to have any camera guy, only a tripod so hopefully it’ll be great, and tomorrow’s video will something different! Stay tuned, loves